Creating concepts and serving the right experience to the right user

That’s what this digital experience agency is all about.

Our offer

feel-good digital experiences

If it is to improve an existing application or give life to a brand new idea, we help you to give the right experience to the right user.  Together with you, we brainstorm about the concept, learn all about the user and its needs, visualise the product and test it on a real-life audience before it goes into the development phase.
Thinking about a concept

No story, no glory

A product only works if the story is told right. Therefore, we think about a concept that stands out and makes an impact. To achieve that, we don't just invent stuff, but we leave no detail unspoken to make sure the puzzle is put together like it should. Whether you want to launch a brand new product or change an existing one, we look for a concept that fits. No story, no glory...

Defining the strategy

Goals and priorities

Every project needs a good plan. Together with you we help to define your needs and targets. Our advice and best practice recommendations aim at possible usability issues in order to help setting up a strategy and prioritizing needs and functionalities.

User research & needs

User-centered design is what we stand for, so we focus on knowing who your users are and what they are trying to achieve. Defining what your audience is looking for is crucial to tell the story right. To do this, we create personas and set up scenarios to exclude all interpretation issues.

Usability testing/expert review

If you want to improve an existing application or bring your new idea to life, we offer usability expertise to screen through the application, dig up possible usability issues and recommend improvements.


Knowing your enemy (of course not literally) is the best way to compete. We screen your competition and present the findings to you.

User Experience Design

Information Architecture

The plan is there, but now you need to show the goods! Find the core. We help you find that central piece of content around which everything orbits and create an hierarchical structure that fits. The glue between the project’s content and vision is what we look for to make your product more successful.


Once the scope has been set and the content structure defined, we start assembling your idea into a functional representation (as a clickable wireframe or as a static screenshot) of your application. Call it blueprints, ready to be coated with the design.

Concept design

We use our brush strokes, color buckets and pencil tools to make your application come to life according to preferred color schemes or a style guide (if not available we offer our graphical expertise on this part).

User testing

User testing

In order to know that the structure and design really works, we test the application on a real-life audience specifically selected according to the target group we defined earlier in the process. Each "persona" will be covered to see if the interface meets their needs.

Our approach

straight-forward and transparent

  • Only a story told right makes a concept stand out. Initial brainstorming sessions are a perfect start to know about your needs, vision, ideas and the reason why you want to create a digital application.

  • Together with you, we define the user needs and functionalities. Each user will be precisely defined as a "persona", as if it would be our next-door neighbor we know so well. In this phase we aim at the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to prioritize and focus on the core functionalities.

  • To make a visual representation of the product, we have a "content first" approach, where we start mapping and prioritizing the content and end up making an information tree. Once the content structure is set, wireframes and concept prototypes will bring the product to life. Now, we sketch...a lot!

  • As we stand for user experience, we take user testing seriously. Therefore, the wireframe or concept prototype is tested on real-life users even before it goes into development phase. To achieve this we use various tools (offline and online) to make sure our interface meets the user needs.

  • At this final stage, the collected information and the prototype will be handed over to the developing team. Again, good and close communication with the customer is key for us. That's why we also involve you closely in the development phase.

Let's have some coffee

One person, two hats

both architect and designer

Driven by customer satisfaction, tweejee operates as a digital experience agency with a passion for pixels, how they can shine and become the star of your application. Above all, you want your audience to find what they need. That’s why we love to brainstorm about concepts and designing them with precision to make your idea stand out. Directed by one person wearing both the architect's and designer's hat, tweejee strongly believes in excellent customer service and always strive for close customer contact in order to work as transparent and iterative as possible.

Joeri Janssens - UX Designer


At the age of 34, Joeri was up to a new challenge and left his job to head for a different career path. That's when he met his passion for digital applications and learned that a product only works when the story is told right. His hunger for perfection makes him look for the best user experience...really, he doesn't quit until it's right! Always eager to come up with the best concept, this bald guy turns ideas into digital jewelry. Oh...and he loves football!


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